Welcome residents of North Florida. Power Plus Pressure Washing, Inc. is a professional pressure cleaning company with over 18 years of experience. We have served the Jacksonville area since 1993 and have thousands of satisfied customers, both residential and commercial. We serve clients anywhere in the First Coast. Pressure cleaning is not an “add-on” service to Power Plus, it is what we do every day across North Florida. We provide a safe, low-pressure, soft wash cleaning technique to all homes.

The visual appearance and value of your home or property becomes diminished from the constant mold, mildew and algae growth the warm, moist climate provides in North Florida. Power Plus provides an effective, low cost solution for you to remove the fungi and keep the exterior of your home clean with our low-pressure, soft wash pressure cleaning procedure that will ensure your homes surfaces, windows and seals are protected. You will come home to a fresh, clean and safe home that has saved you costly replacements or painting.